Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fire, Ghosts and a Mysterious Carpet Bag

While in Geneva on vacation I finished reading my second read for the Canadian Book Challenge - Turtle Valley by Gail Anderson-Dargatz. This was a fantastic book that I started just before we headed to the plane and kept wanting to go back to as the story completely drew me in. The setting is Turtle Valley in British Columbia where a fire is raging in the forest threatening farms and homes in the valley. Kat, the main character returns to her parents home to assist in packing up the most precious of family items in preparation for the notice that they will have to evacuate this home that has been in her family for multiple generations. While there, Kat finds her grandmother's carpet bag that unlocks the mysteries of this woman's life, including a few secrets about the family's history that Kat thought she knew. Kat stuggles with her present marriage while being faced with her lover from the past. Mysterious spectors haunt her in this journey. This was a fabulous read from cover to cover that I would highly recommend.


  1. I loved this book too. What a great read!

  2. This certainly sounds like a fascinating read!
    I signed up for the Canadian Book Challenge just yesterday :) this is my first year and John told me I am also the first Spaniard to participate, woo-hoo!.
    I adore CanLit so I shall visit your lovely blog again to get some tips on what to read next (I just finished one by Camilla Gibb and my review will be published in English on Sunday, probably).
    Greetings! and enjoy your reading.