Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wild Geese

This is officially my 16th finished read for the Book Challenge and it was a great story. Set in the prairies of Manitoba, this novel written by Martha Ostenso was first published in 1925. It follows the story of a farming family lead by Caleb, the father and controller of all who live under his roof. He is a tyrant, a bully, not only to his family but to the farming community where he lives. He wields his unique brand of power especially over his wife, essentially bribing her to do as he wishes otherwise he will reveal her deepest secret and bring shame to the entire family. While this secret would be scandalous at the time this story was released, this same secret would not be were this set in the present day. Caleb is a character I despised, yet I loved reading this book to see how the power of love and passion can alter the future of those he tries to keep under his thumb. I would recommend this book.

I did not end up finishing A Fine Balance, having had to return it to the library, however I have started on the Nine Lives of Charlotte Taylor by Sally Armstrong which was lent to me by Kristin and which I am enjoying so far.

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  1. That sucks about having to return A Fine Balance unfinished. Had you been enjoying it, and will you check it out to finish?