Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Just One Week

It took me less than one week to finish my 15th read, The Birth House, lent to me by my best friend Kristin who is an avid reader and always has a great book to pass along! As I mentioned in my previous post I loved this book. What I found interesting in this book other than the story and the characters created by Ami was the images of old advertisments which I assume were either authentic or closely resembled ads of the time that were sprinkled throughout the novel. These ads were for special "cures" for women and their supposed delirium or histeria .... of course you will have to read the book to find out the "treatment" that Dora had both at the doctor's office and then through self-medication!

I am hoping to pick up my next read(s) very soon. I plan to finally read Rohinton Minstry's A Fine Balance but am also waiting for Wild Geese, by Martha Ostenso.


  1. Oh my how I loved The Birth House. It is such a fantastic read and so easy to recommend to almost everyone. Can I say I enjoyed A Fine Balance? It is rather bleak so it feels weird to say I enjoyed it but it did move me and I thought about it for a long time afterwards so it is a great read.

  2. So far I am really enjoying A Fine Balance. You are the second person to tell me they had mixed feelings about it.