Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Review - Not Wanted on the Voyage

I have finally finished reading Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley. Overall I think it is a good work of fiction, well written, good character development, interesting story. I think it took me longer to read this than previous books I read as I was, as you will see from my previous posts, having some trouble with the portrayal of Noah and the Great Flood as compared to his holier and more pious persona as described in the modern translation of the bible and what I grew up believing. I am not naive in thinking that religious men and women of the past were all good. In fact we know that they were not and many terrible things were done to people in the name of religion ... in many, if not all religions, Christian and non-Christian and some of these traditions continue today. But I guess I didn't want to spend the little time I have to read this story dramatized and turned on its end. I did enjoying following the more "sane" and good characters in the story, particularly the cat Mottyl who's picture on the cover of the version of the book I read and who was the one I think was the one that was "not wanted on the voyage" reminds me of a fiesty neighbourhood cat Smokey who likely would have the same tenacity and characteristics. And I liked the ending ... even if it left me a bit confused which is all I will say about that so as to not spoil it for other readers. I haven't yet started on my next book but will do so very soon.

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